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Expansion to Product Lineup of N-8000 IP Intercom System

                                                                                                                                       14 June 2012




The N-8000 Series IP Intercom System is an integrated audio communication system that employs IP network to achieve fast, accurate communications with optimal security and reliability. The system’s scalability allows users to configure an intercom system that suits their requirements. This can range from a small system with just 2 stations to a large, complex system with up to 192 components and 3,072 stations.

The N-8000 Series IP Intercom System product lineup has been expanded with the addition of several new models. These new and improved models offer a better solution that suits various configuration requirements of an intercom system.


N-8600MS IP Master Station   N-8600MS

  • Replaces N-8500MS IP Master Station
  • Full-duplex hands-free conversation
  • Separated headset jacks (Mic and Speaker)
  • Connects directly to network (10/100Base TX)
  • With 1 RJ-45 connectable


N-8640DS IP Door Station 

  • Replaces N-8540DS IP Door Station  n-8640ds
  • Full-duplex hands-free conversation 
  • Connects directly to network (10/100Base TX)
  • Weather resistant IP-65
  • 1 relay output and 4 open collector outputs
  • External speaker output
  • 6dB more output volume than N-8540DS


N-8640SB IP Door Station Board Unit  n-8640sb

  • PCB of N-8640DS with hands-free microphone and hands-free speaker 
  • Connects directly to network (10/100Base TX)
  • Custom-made IP Door Station is possible


N-8033MS Flush-Mount Master Station 

  • Hands-free duplex communication
  • Weather resistant IP-65
  • Chemical resistant


N-8410MS Analog Standard Master Station 

  • Handset or hands-free duplex communication
  • Connect to N-8000RS Sub-station Interface Unit with 4-wire connection


RS-143 IP Intercom Switch Panel rs-143

  • One call button to initiate emergency call


RS-144 IP Intercom Switch Panel rs-144

  • Two call buttons to initiate emergency call or normal call



N-8000 Series IP Intercom System Brochure

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