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HS-P1500 Powered Coaxial Array Speakers 

                                                                                                                                       31 October 2012


HS-P1500 front         HS-P1500 rear

HS-P1500 Series Powered Coaxial Array Speakers are equipped with narrow directivity control (90° horizontal x 40° vertical) to deliver a clear and well-balanced sound. It is installed with a built-in digital amplifier of 170W rated output, has an aux input and a combined line/mic input. This makes it suitable for portable use, such as in events, or fixed sound installation.


• 170W rated output

• Two audio inputs (AUX x 1, Selectable LINE/MIC x 1)

• Line out to connect additional speaker

• Bass and treble control for better acoustics

• 90° horizontal x 40° vertical directivity control

• Built-in overload protection circuitry for the tweeters, disconnects the power amplifier’s output when unusual temperature rise occurs

• Available in black or white color


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