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SS-1010 & SS-1010R Speaker Selector 

                                                                                                                                       26 November 2012

SS-1010 AS front

SS-1010 AS Speaker Selector

SS-1010R AS front

SS-1010R AS Speaker Selector

TOA SS-1010 and SS-1010R Speaker Selectors offer the function of selecting speaker zones in a public address system at an affordable price. With the SS-1010 or SS-1010R, up to 10 speaker zones can be selected. In the situation where announcements have to be made to all zones, an All Call/Zone button can be selected to broadcast the message to all areas.

With the SS-1010, which is for 2-wire connection, music or paging zones can be selected by using the hard buttons or remote control switch.

With the SS-1010R, which is for 3-wire connection, any previously selected BGM zones will be muted when paging is done to other zones. The volume control will be override to the maximum volume.


• 1U 19” rack size

• 10 zone selectors and 1 all call selector

• Remote control for zone select and all call select

• Expandable to unlimited zones

• Protection for DC input overload and reversed DC polarity


Product Brochure

SS-1010 AS Specification Sheet

SS-1010R AS Specification Sheet

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