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New Products

TOA Launches the PW Series Plane Wave Speakers 

                                                                                                                                       9 January 2013


PW Series


The PW Series Plane Wave Speakers comprises 8 models (PW-1230DB, PW-1230DW, PW-1230SB, PW-1230SW, PW-1430DB, PW-1430DW, PW-1430SB, PW-1430SW); in single or double-sided radiation type, compact or large size and black or light ivory color. The PW Series is a flat speaker system equipped with a plane wave unit consisting of a diaphragm, buffer, magnet, and case. This enables radiation of sound in narrow horizontal and vertical directivity patterns, delivering clear audio to a limited target area with minimal attenuation. Clear audio delivery is delivered, even in poor acoustic conditions. These speakers are particularly suited for information broadcast applications which require narrow sound directivity, especially for railway stations where different announcements are made in close proximity.

pw series  A built-in beam-tilting function makes it possible to shift sound radiation direction about 5 degrees downward of the horizontal axis. This allows more flexibility in installation as it improves sound intelligibility when the speakers are mounted high. Another feature is the high pass filter in which unwanted low frequency below 450Hz are cut at -12dB/oct.

The metal parts of the plane wave unit and the entire speaker cabinet are made of stainless steel, making the speaker rust-resistant. Compliant with IPX4, the speakers are protected against splashing water and are suitable for use in a covered outdoor space.

Please view the Plane Wave Speakers video on our Facebook page.

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