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TOA Launches the M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer

                                                                                                                                       23 January 2013



The new TOA M-864D Digital Stereo Mixer maintains the basic functionality and operability of its predecessor, the M-633D, but adds such versatile features as analog-feel fader operation, 15 input channels, remote controller operation and fine-tuning of settings with GUI software. With its release, TOA has made clear sound achievable by its proprietary resonance control technology available for use in hotel banquet rooms, multipurpose halls and other facilities that host events of various types. Its analog user-interface makes setup and operation fast and efficient.


The M-864D has TOA’s renowned Automatic Resonance Control (ARC) measurement and processing algorithm that improves speech intelligibility and sound quality in facilities with challenging acoustic environments. Additional audio processing tools include Feedback Suppressor (FBS), Parametric Equalizer, Tone Control, Automatic Mute, and more.


Different signal routing and parameter configurations can be stored and recalled as a preset memory (up to 16 preset memories can be stored).


Optional remote control panels (ZM-9011/9012/9013/9014) permitting convenient remote operation and featuring an assign function supporting assignment of such settings as volume control, channel ON/OFF, matrix switching and preset memory recall to specified buttons.

ZM-9011       ZM-9012     ZM-9013     ZM-9014   

M-864D Product Brochure

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