France: MELOX plant

France: MELOX plant

The MELOX plant – France in France produces MOX fuel assemblies intended to power light-water reactors in different countries. MELOX (Areva Group), who is the world leader in this market, replaced a third of its Intercom system with TOA – the system in total includes 400 stations.


The N-8000 project with a special designed station was realized with more than 80 system components and due to its success revealed in an extension of another factory just after.
The presence of TOA engineers, the customized design of the Heavy Duty Industrial Master Station and a lot of efforts ensure a complete satisfaction to the users today.

Delivery information

System/Equipment N-8000EX, N-8065MS, N-8020MS, N-8000MS, N-8050DS
Date of installation Unknown

France: MELOX plant Photos

France: MELOX plant

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