Indonesia: Jakarta Masjid Istiqlal

Indonesia: Jakarta Masjid Istiqlal

Indonesia: Jakarta Masjid Istiqlal

With a capacity of over 120,000 worshipping pilgrims, Masjid Istiqlal in Central Jakarta is the sixth largest mosque in the world and biggest in Southeast Asia. 


Masjid Istiqlal upgraded the site and renewed its sound system. Read up on the project details by clicking on the attachment.

Delivery information

System/Equipment ZS-F2000, ZS-760B-AS, SR-S4S, SR-H2S, SR-D8, EM-800, Series 5000 wireless system, DP-SP3, DA-550F, ZS-202C, ZS-402C, DA-250F, M-9000, CD-2011R, VX-3004F, Z-122C, ZA-3212, ZA-3224, ZP-3248, Z-HA1010-AS, ZH-615, ZS-648R, ZS-062, AM-1B
Date of installation Jan 2020

Indonesia: Jakarta Masjid Istiqlal Photos

ZS-F2000 and ZS-760B-AS enclosures in the outdoor under balcony areas
SR-S4S columns are discreetly fixed to the vertical metallic framework pillars
the main wall or qibla
racks hosts multichannel amplifiers, audio distributors and DP-SP3 processor
extensive grounds with a large number of weatherized speakers

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