Malaysia: Exchange 106

Malaysia: Exchange 106

Malaysia's tallest newly-built tower. Located at the heart of the new Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) financial and business hub, the building it 106-storey. 


A customized software for fire evacuation announcement and broadcast was developed for this project, providing the operator with a simplified overview of the entire building. Read on the attached file for more details. 

Delivery information

System/Equipment SX-2000 system, VP-3000 series, CD-2011R, EV-700, N-8600MS, PC-648R, SC-615M, BS-634, SR-H2L,
Date of installation End 2019

Malaysia: Exchange 106 Photos

RM-200SA, IP and ROM-200SF in FCC Room
SX-2000SM control rack in the FCC
EN-54 compliant SX-2000 SM matrix controls the audio in Exchange 106

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