Malaysia: INTEC Education College

Malaysia: INTEC Education College

INTEC Education College is formerly known as Center for Preparatory Studies (Pusat Pendidikan Persediaan PPP). This college located at Shah Alam, Selangor. They provide the mandate to equipped excellent students with preparation of overseas education.


TOA Pro-Sound System installed at INTEC Education College’s multipurpose hall. HX-5 allows precise adjustment of sound dispersion angles. And HX-5 is hanging vertically with subwoofer FB-120B on the wall.

Delivery information

System/Equipment DM-520, S4.10-HD, CD-2011R, DP-SP3, HX-5, FB-120B, HS-120B
Date of installation 2020

Malaysia: INTEC Education College Photos

INTEC Education College
HX-5 and FB-120B hanging vertically
HS-120B stage monitor speaker

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