Things To Know About A Neck-Worn Microphone Before Buying

Things To Know About A Neck-Worn Microphone Before Buying

 Things To Know About A Neck-Worn Microphone Before Buying

One afternoon, a group of people decided to attend a prayer session during busy hours. The mosque hall was packed full and there was no choice but to join the last line far away from the imam (prayer leader). They managed to complete the prayers all while not being able to hear the imam's exact words during prayer, thereby not knowing when to make prostrations and other forms of the required movements. Disappointed, they eventually made a complaint along with some others who felt the same way. 

A few days later, it has been observed that the imam's prayer speeches have little to no interruptions. Every prayer he uttered was clear and audible. Once the prayer was over, a few from the group approached the management from the community and ask them what had happened. They responded that the imam had received a new neck-worn microphone instead of the regular microphone he has been using. 

 What is the neck-worn microphone?

The neck-worn microphone is specifically designed for prayer leaders who perform prayers involving frequent body movements that are part of the prayer, hence creating needless echoes of noise. Unlike the regular tie-clip microphone or headset, the neck-worn microphone can be attached in front of the speaker's mouth held by a slim necklace. This enables the user to broadcast live speeches or mandatory recitals in the midst of a noisy environment and yet be heard without any sound interruption caused by physical action. 

Most neck mic models are designed with power sensitivity that can withstand high noise levels. It can be operated either using batteries or phantom power, which is the most convenient power source for active condenser microphones.

The microphone comes with a soft oblong cushion and is attached to a flexible shaft that brings together the output connector using the cable clip. The cable length is approximately 7 meters long. When the user speaks through the microphone, his/her speech is certainly optimized so that the noises caused by contact with physical phenomena or body parts during prayer are completely drowned out or gone unheard. It could be the individual's hands brushing against the ground or when they bow down on their knees in prostration. 

 Quick Features

 ■ Distance from mouth to microphone is fixed. Hence it is ideal for adjusting the volume of the microphone from the mixer or amplifier. Due to this, feedback during each prayer can be avoided. It will be challenging to set the same distance between mouth and microphone at every usage for a normal tie-clip microphone. And when the user sets a far position between the mouth and microphone, the user may feel that the volume is too low and thereby increase the volume of the microphone in the mixer and that is when feedback occurs. 
 ■ The use of a small gooseneck is helpful to avoid noise created when microphone rubs against the clothes.
 ■ The On/Off switch is found on the side of the microphone, this prevents unwanted sounds from emerging.

 Advantages of the neck-worn microphone

■ Lightweight with minimal design - The EM-362 neck-worn microphone uses an extremely light-weight membrane. As such, it is portable and allows the user to move unimpeded while performing. A prayer leader using this device will be able to prostrate freely. It can be used by presenters and trainers who want to move around while presenting in front of a large crowd or gathering but without the loss of sound quality. In additional, due to its lightweight design, the device looks clean and has less complex input stations, so it does not overload the user with too many wiring cords.

■ High and clear transmission - The microphone's sound quality is determined by the diaphragm's design mechanism. In this device, the disphragm assembly is light and fast and therefore supports a high range of frequency responses.

 Sound better with the best neck-worn microphone

The neck-worn microphone by TOA Electronics has become popular among prayer leaders and may be used for public presentations that involve regular body motions. With ultra-low touch noise, now you can look forward to hearing real-time audio output in it's most clearest form with  this digital audio device. Contact Us today

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