What Makes Line Array Speakers Great for Sporting Events?

What Makes Line Array Speakers Great for Sporting Events?

What Makes Line Array Speakers Great for Sporting Events?

Good sports events bring out the most competitive athletes and fervent audiences that demand the best sports experience.

Organizing it successfully is a whole new ball game. One essential element that contributes to its success is the event's sound system. 

Line array speakers shine the most here as they can deliver extremely clear sound near and far, across the large venue and roaring crowd. Here are three benefits of line array speakers and why they are great for sporting events.

Benefit #1: Loud and Clear Sound System

The commentary is arguably one of the key highlights of a sports event. Not only does it offer live play-by-play coverage of what is happening on the ground, but the sports comentary also captures the feeling of the game for the players and viewers. 

Clear commentary projection is important, especially if the venue is large. As the venue size increases, it becomes more reverberant and the speakers have to be turned up to get clearer sound at the back. However, turning up the volume will also muddy the audio, causing it to become indistinct and making it harder for audience to hear what is going on. 

Line array speakers work best in this situation. They can project sound in a cylindrical shape with lesser interference vertical sound dispersion projected from ceiling to floor. 

The crystal-clear commentary is projected directly towards the audience from the front to the very back rows instead of all around the venue. The sports commentator can continue to keep the audiences engaged by commentating clearly with excitement, enthusiasm and passion. 

Benefit #2: Efficient Sound System

Line array speakers are more efficient than non-line array (point source) speakers.

In comparsion to line array speakers which project sound in a cylindrical shape, non-line array (point source) speakers project sound in a spherical shape. This causes the sounds to rediate in all directions from the speaker, which isn't efficient since the audience is typically seated in front of the speakers.

With the line array speakers' cylindrical dispersion patterns, lesser volume is lost even if one moves away from the speaker. This means that the sound can be projected further using less wattage and without any reinforcement speakers.

Benefit #3: Durable and Weather-Proof

From flying balls to whizzing frisbees, sports events can be rough.

The weather is also a key consideration if you're hosting a sporting event outdoors. It is hard to accurately predict the weather and this can cause challenges when it comes to planning your event. 

Look out for line array speakers with durable designs that can withstand severe conditions such as rough sports and bad weather. 

Pull Off Your Sports Event Successfully With Line Array Speakers

Spice up and deliver the best sports event experience with line array speakers. With their cylindrical sound projection and durable design, there is hardly a dull moment for both the players and the audience.

At TOA Electronics Pte Ltd, our mission is to supply with high-quality line array speakers with first-class sound. Our line array speakers offer the best-in-class audio output for all your events, especially sports games. 

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